Connect to Trusted Partners

Meet members and others who have integrated new legal and regtech solutions or providers who are developing the technology and innovations to meet your needs.

Understand the Market

We provide analysis, talks, panel sessions, and workshops that help you understand how technology is changing the future purchase, provision, and evaluation of legal, compliance, and regulatory services.

Find the Right Solutions

We connect you directly or indirectly, online or in person with the people and organizations you need to meet.

Need Help?


We want to do an evet but how, and who will be the righ subject matter expert...

Let us help you sponsor, create, or strengthen events, both, from concept  to sourcing speakers, cases, panels, topics, or challenges all the way through to running the event itself.

SERVICE: Industry Roundtables

Some challenges are generic and add no value to the services we provide.

Our roundtables give you the opportunity to find common solutions that help everyone perform better, cheaper, and faster by collaborating.

SERVICE: Education

How do we go to market.., how do we pitch our idea.. How do we validate our prototype... 

Let us help you train your team in finding the right communication tool, channel or content

Got a challenge or a question? Contact us.

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