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Connect with the ecosystem to accelerate your growth and improve your match with market needs. Gain access to data and analysis, connect with international legal and regtech thought leaders, both online and in person through visual branding, speaker and panel opportunities.



As a university and schools partner, you become part of a legal and regtech collaboration that matches key resources for legal and regtech thinking with access to the practitioners. As a student, you get access to the latest trends in legaltech as well as to the people creating those very trends.



Become a key player in building the legal and regtech ecosystem and in creating a vibrant market for innovation in these services. Our partner and investor strategy focus is on strengthening best-in-class solutions creating the future of legal and regtech.

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Online Platform

Our platform gives you access to the latest trends, the newest solutions and the best matches for your needs as legaltech transforms how we work with the law and compliance

Strong Database

Legal and regtech is a dynamic field. Your membership gives you access to our ever expanding database of the players as well as new trends, topics, and solutions. Use our data to stay on top of the developments.


As a member, you become part of our legal and regtech network. You can meet the other members at our events or take advantage of the opportunity to be personally introducted by us.

Knowledge Sharing

Access knowledge and experience, both online and offline. The strength is in the mix of focused and broad perspectives on niche issues, day-to-day challenges, and more, all with a strong connection to academia.

Be the Message

Help put legaltech on the map. We bring the issues and opportunities of legaltech and regtech to the wider world. Because the law affects more than just our users and customers.


Choose between a front row seat or a seat on stage. We are part of most of  the region’s legaltech events, whether sourcing speakers and panelists to make other people’s events better, or creating events to meet needs the market hasn’t met. 

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